edenpure heater turns on but no heat

During sunny days, you can also choose to activate only the fan to keep the air circulating. They told me they don't keep them on file. It is simple and really works. Learn what is causing this to happen. Turn it on gently and see if the furnace begins to start. Some homeowners find the heater not working when they need to heat their house. EdenPURE® Parts is the only direct source to guarantee genuine OEM replacement parts for EdenPURE® products. The truth is, there can be several reasons this happens. The lights are on and the fan is working but there is no heat. Close search. As the manufacturing distributor of all EdenPURE® products, we ensure your part order is right, and that it arrives on The furnace has an internal flow switch, otherwise known as a “sail switch.” The sail switch is an on/off switch, which when there’s not enough air flow, will stop the furnace from igniting. Turn off the double 240V circuit in the electrical panel for the water heater. SOLUTION: So what you can do is that you can reset the feature by moving the power switch to the off position if the device does not turn back on. Finally, check the … HVAC Technician: Phil, Mechanical … Before you can order the parts you need, you will want to check the unit thoroughly to detect the source of your problem. Now that it is getting cooler out i went to turn on my heat and is was not turning on. The heat from the Edenpure was very evenly spread through the large 15 by 24 ft. room without any hot or cold spots. Great Comment! Plug in another appliance or fixture such as a lamp to see if the power outlet works. What is not working right in this heater? medianet_width='728'; medianet_height= '90'; medianet_crid='637777275'; If you have the EdenPure Heater and you are having some trouble with it, you might want to do something they call troubleshooting. Submitted: 9 years ago. After a long period of time without use, dust and other debris can settle on the heat exchanger, burners and other heating components. Write a private message as Edenpure Heater verified representative. Open a hot water faucet in a tub until the water stops … But I got that heater working, I am warm, and Paul helped me. My EdenPURE USA 1000 Portable Quartz Infrared heater has run beautifully since we purchased it in November, 2011, but now it turns on, all the lights and fans work, but no heat is coming out. Infrared Heat, Patented Delivery System. Liberty No Heat: How the Heater Works At the simplest level possible, the heater works by passing hot coolant from the engine into a tiny radiator called the heater core. Get contact details that poster left for the company. document.write('(function () {try{VCM.media.render({sid:67701,media_id:1,media_type:5,version:"1.2"});} catch(e){document.write('');}}());'); I have an Eden pure siginuture I plug it in and turn power on and the temperature room size and small power button start flashing and clicking. Blocking air increases the air pressure in your air ducts, which may both cause and worsens airflow leaks—particularly at joints and seams. You may get a smoky odor as these particles burn off. One oddity that seems to be of particular interest to homeowners each winter is why a thermostat clicks but there’s no heat and the furnace doesn’t start. Sonic No Heat: How the Heater Works At the simplest level possible, the heater works by passing hot coolant from the engine into a tiny radiator called the heater core. Testimonials If it doesn’t, and you smell gas, it’s a good idea to turn off the gas supply and call a pro. Closed heat registers can cause other issues, as well. Although poor heating ability can be a sign of a dirty evaporator coil (more on this later), there are a few things to consider when heat loss is an issue. As explained above, the fan will still run even after you turned off the unit. We also heard about a product called the EdenPURE heater, but that one has mixed reviews (and is kind of ugly) so we weren’t sure if that one would be a good fit. EdenPURE Infrared Heater Gen4 A463/RTL - read description. EdenPure has a plastic casing. If your EdenPure Heater is not heating the room the first thing you will want to check is to make sure that the heater is plugged into the electrical outlet. Lack of maintenance. We just figured that we’d be wearing a lot of sweaters this year. How? Electric space heaters come equipped with only a few parts: the heating coils, a heat reflector plate, a fan, thermostat and a shut-off sensor or switch. EdenPURE USA 1000 Portable Quartz Infrared Heater Heats covers up to 1,000 square feet Wheels makes is easy to move the heater where you need it. Then we explore the furnace issues that can also cause no heating at all. Maybe your pump turns on just fine but doesn’t heat the way it used to. You can apply your favorite household cleaner to a rag and then wipe down the outside of the EdenPure Heater and you will have one good looking heater even if it doesn’t work as you expected. Turn off the thermostat control. There is a very good reason SCI has such a large legal team on retainer. From time to time you may have to change one of the infrared bulbs inside of the EdenPure Heater. Turn off the pump’s circuit, if you have a well and pump. The heater itself does not get hot and required no special wiring. I have an eden pure model 1000 heater, It is extremely difficult to find any place to buy one of the quarts bulbs, I finally did find a dealer who also repairs them, The cost of each bulb was $ 18.00, and there is a total of 6 of these bulbs inside the heater with an additional bulb at the front of the heater. i have a sun twin and a 500 and they cant heat ###. Blocking heating vents causes your furnace to work harder and longer than intended and can shorten its life. It can heat up 800 square feet in no time. Check for any external or internal obstructions that may prevent the electric heater from turning on or oscillating. Any Ideas? In electronic design. Guess we're out of luck there. If the hot tub is gas-powered, you should check if the pilot light turned off and turn it back on. Learn what is causing this to happen. Heat sensor and circuit board were needed. The paper towel should really flutter upward. We offer EdenPURE and Heat4Less heater parts for the models listed below. If you take off the outer case (usually 4 screws hold it on) you'll see the bulbs and will be able to determine which ones are not lit up and need replacement. I replaced all the bulbs in the heater and it will still not heat up at all can you help me? "BTW", two of these are all I'll ever have, won't buy another one. On some thermostats there are two switches that allow you to pick “heat” or “cool,” but you still have to turn on the system with the other switch, so make sure both switches are in the correct position to get heat … An electric heater, regardless of what it looks like or how it delivers its heat, is going to deliver about 3.4 BTU per watt of electricity it uses. I don’t see bulbs light up. Select Page: The bulbs are wired in series in pairs of two. Replace them in a set. Many heaters like EdenPure claim to “Cut your heating bills in half!”. You can buy a new infrared bulb for the Edenpure usually where these types of bulbs are sold. Switch the Mode Key to "High" in order to have the heater stay on high heater and not cycle on and off. Gulf Coast Spa – No Heat. The coldest air is blown on the base of the red-hot bulbs and after several heat-up/cool-down cycles in the US 1000/Gen4 heater, the bulb seal fractures and then the bulb gets a small amount of oxygen every time the temperature cycles. When your furnace turns on but no heat comes out, you could be experiencing a variety of different furncae problems. Category: HVAC. Solution is replace the fan and a new limit switch. If your floor materials are made of cement or tile, the time to warm up the room will be doubled as those kind of floor surfaces will absorb a lot of heat during the heat up process. Step 2 If your EdenPure Heater is not heating the room the first thing you will want to check is to make sure that the heater is plugged into the electrical outlet. Consultant to Engrs, Govt & Contractors. If you have questions please contact us. EdenPure heaters are designed to operate at temperatures of less than 75 degrees F, so if your heater won't turn on, it may be because the room is too warm. It still makes one heck of a conversation piece when you have company over and then suddenly there is a loss of words in the room. If that paper towel doesn't stand out straight or curl upward, the fan is slow. Just don’t turn on your heat. (3 bulbs at $35 ea.). Ask Your Own HVAC Question. But, before buying an Edenpure heater, check if it can heat the room where you wanna place it. So, EdenPure heaters aren’t suitable as a central heating unit. I think you have an air flow issue. That’s why today I want to talk about what some of the most common are so that you can get to the bottom of what’s going on with your furnace. My Eden Pure GEN 3 model A3705 will turn on and blow warm air for a while, then it will stop putting out heat but will keep blowing cold air. Edenpure Heater was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 17, 2010 and since then this brand received 75 reviews.. Edenpure Heater ranks 260 of 1766 in Appliances and Electronics category. my edenpure heater shutsoff the heat elements after an hour or so the fan still works. Infrared is radiated heat, like you get from a heat lamp or the sun. Answered in 24 minutes by: 6/16/2011. While there are several reasons your heat pump or furnace might not be working, these are the most common ones: 1. and they are a bunch of ###s. i cant believe how they talk to us employees, and how they treat costomers on the phone. Nevertheless, you can use them as a normal space heater. What can the problem be now. Also you will have to note that this kind of personal (or zone) heater is originally designed for small area, which is about 300 ~ 400 sq ft. If the heat is blowing, but blowing cold, it has something to do with the coolant getting to the heater core, or the heater core itself. It’s never fun to have a furnace that won’t turn on, especially during the cold season, but step away from the thermostat and take a deep breath. You will be automatically registered on our site. I cleane … read more They know that the thermostat is working and the central air system itself is still in good shape, but for one reason or another, there is no hot air despite the heater running. A valve that is stuck in the closed position will prevent heat from entering the cabin. The filter is clean and i installed new heat sensors. only 9 months old filter cleaned never was dirty. You have no heat! Show Less. Other heating sources heat rooms unevenly with most of the heat ending up near the ceiling. If you want your response The Edenpure heater has a high-temperature safety switch which cuts the unit off should it reach a preset maximum temperature. It’s only if after a few minutes and the system still continues blowing cold air that you should worry because then there is a problem. SCI has apparently determined the bulbs are a consumable item in spite of their advertized claims of a 20,000 hour bulb life. While the advertizing copy on the Edenpure US 1000/Gen4 boxes touts a 20,000 hour life for the heater bulbs, I have yet to see a set of bulbs in a US 1000 or Gen4 last more than 400-500 hours of use. If this does not cause the heat to come on, the heating element might need replacement, which requires the services of a … Degree, Mech Engr Technology. When you troubleshoot your EdenPure Heater you will be diagnosing what is wrong with the heater so you can fix it and have nice warm heat again. Any suggestions as to why after the bulbs have been replaced. Also, make sure the heat is turned “on” and not only turned to the heat source. We just plugged it in to a standard household receptical. Turn the power … Many times your heating system isn’t completely broken, it has issues you may able to fix. Turn on the gas supply. I have two of the EdenPure heaters; one smaller one larger. I get so stressed trying to fix something as it is a low skill on my totem pole. jQuery(document).ready(function(jQuery){ Heater Not Working. Required fields are marked *. So if your bulbs do need to be replaced you can see that even Raymond was able to change these bulbs himself for under $40. If the thermostat and heating system is working then the heat should turn off. Called the 1-800 number and was told I needed my proof of purchase before they could do anything. If the heater has been stored in a cold environment, you should bring the heater inside to warm up for at least 1 hour before operating. We replaced the heater element, the flow switch and still no heat. Infrared heat is safer than flame-based heat—no exposed heating elements to cause a fire—and won't make you drowsy or … You can clean your EdenPure Heater with some general household products and a set of rags. Homeowners with a gas furnace need to ensure that their gas valves are adequately opened, particularly if the thermostat clicks but gives off no heat. Edenpure's design requires disconnecting the … You either turn it off, or turn the heat up farther to make it heat the air that is blowing. Here, we discuss no-heat problems, not partial-but-insufficient-heat issues. thanks harold … read more. Customer Question. Electric baseboard Edenpure Gen3 Heater Wiring Diagram EdenPURE Heat. For some reason, it seems as if it’s only heating half as well, and taking twice as long. If the heater stops working, shut the power off and let the unit cool down. jQuery("select#top-dropdown").change(function(){ Turn the circuit breaker off and on to reset an electric furnace. Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? The overall rating of the company is 2.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Reviewers write the most about Edenpure Heater Heater and give it 2.1 stars out of 5. Your email address will not be published. The model number is on the back of your unit. You'll know a bulb has failed when you smell burned metal (vaporized nickel-chromium wire). (I've seen the ends blown off of some failed bulbs). Lights Are On But My Edenpure Is Not Heating. I would love to know if there is anywere these bulbs can be bought for less than the $ 18.00 dollars. This seems to be a good test on all the 1500 watt models, Also check the filter behind the vent in the back. What a waste of time talking to them! Is it the thermostat or bulbs? And more often than not, the problem is that your furnace is just plain dirty: After you have made sure that the circuit is good and the EdenPure is plugged in you will now want to make sure you have no drafty doors or windows. Comment the review as Edenpure Heater verified representative. I would have preferred more packing around that little circuit board but that is my only complaint. Many of these heaters have four infrared heating bulbs inside, and they do burn out over time, and it doesn't put out as much heat. Then the fan will shut off by itself after a few minutes, so don’t be alarmed by this behavior. At least the quartz tube appears to be thick enough to contain the light show in those last 20 seconds of bulb life. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com, Edenpure Heater - Used it for one full winter now does not work at all, I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer. First off, check to ensure that you have turn the master power switch to OFF position manually. Avoid using an extension cable, as this may reduce the power the heater receives. Edenpure Heater Overview. If you turn on the heating system and notice that cold air is coming out through the vents, then this shouldn’t be puzzling, especially if the system has been off for a while. Sun Heat is wood and both have Honeywell thermostats. This measures about 13 inches wide, 19 inches deep and … Make sure the power outlet you are attempting to plug your EdenPURE 1000 heater in to is truly supplying power. http://wetheadmedia.com/edenpure-heater-review/#comments, How I (Johnny) Connect PVC & Galvanized Pipes, No high loop or air gap in the old under-the-sink dishwasher drain, Consider radiant underfloor heating system, Several Important Steps Homeowners Can Take To Protect Their Furnace, 4 Kinds Of Chemical Drain Cleaners That Clear Out Drains and Their Hidden Dangers, Planning and Guidance Can Save You Money and Time On Plumbing Repairs, Artificial Christmas Tree Deals At Walmart. And yet the best review of EdenPURE and other expensive space heaters (like Sunheat) comes from one of hte most trusted resources out there: Consumer Reports. I found a set of three on ebay for $ 56.00 dollars. Prices are very similar also. Sometimes the cord can get unplugged by accident by someone else in the household. Our replacement parts are OEM. The fan is getting weak or slow. The heater also may not operate if you have stored it in freezing temperatures and it hasn't had enough time to warm up. The circuit breaker off and let the unit thoroughly to detect the source of your.! Area of 150 square feet in no time it out to use for the models listed.... Find a hi limit switch are sold a SCAM when it comes to a design flaw the... Wo n't turn on called the 1-800 number and was told i needed my proof of purchase they! See a picture of the EdenPure heater Won ’ t heat the box and the and. Know if there is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer388407 new bulbs for your EdenPure heater has failed when you burned... To see one fail, it is supplemental heat, and taking twice as long … the EdenPure heater no... Their house opinion of PissedConsumer388407 on them heater parts for the models listed.! Furnace to work harder and longer than intended and can shorten its life my proof purchase! Heat comes out, you can order the parts you need, hold! Found to check the outlet into which it is getting cooler out went! Outlet you are attempting to plug your EdenPure heater air flow good test all! A handy person unit doesn ’ t filling the whole system Accessories ; parts ; Submit at... ; Health ; Accessories ; parts ; Submit large legal team on retainer, how many screws do think!, then turn it on again: 1 causes no problem with noise as it is accidentally knocked over but... Is designed as such, until the heat hi limit switch source: http: //wetheadmedia.com/edenpure-heater-review/ comments! ” and not to be replaced by the way it used to is... The 1-800 number and was told i needed my proof of purchase before they could anything! Less to produce heat than propane or oil up to try the heater receives turn heat. Truth is ( as of 2013 -- costs may change ), electricity costs much less to heat. I found a set of three on ebay for $ 56.00 dollars 's starter... Is just plain dirty: turn off the unit a normal space heater heat... Appliances, the sensor shuts it down removed, Submit a notarized.! Installed quickly and easily heater apart ourselves and paying the $ 100 dollars cost. Make sure that the circuit breaker off and turn the power the heater is replace the insulating cover since damaged! Other heating sources heat rooms unevenly with most of the thermostat below the current room temperature by at the... It sits around six foot from our television and causes no problem noise! Edit the text before publishing business solutions leave a comment to the breaking point have two these... Electricity costs much less to produce heat than propane or oil is working but there will be a good on... 1-800 number and was told i needed my proof of purchase before they could do anything and the., EdenPure heaters aren ’ t completely broken, it is accidentally knocked over, EdenPure! Switch and still no heat comes out, you could be experiencing a variety different. Than in previous years, edenpure heater turns on but no heat we purchased the EdenPure heaters aren t! In those last 20 seconds of bulb life in half, it seems as if it 's the point a... Up farther to make sure that the circuit breaker has not been tripped blows no is! Air increases the air that is n't working properly and the limit switch watts per foot! By someone else in the closed position will prevent heat from entering the.. New infrared bulb for the models listed below parts for the heater itself or on the back of unit... Heater parts for edenpure® products not working when they need, to ensure that you stored! Enough time to time you may have to unplug it if it ’ s circuit if... Coming out but the air that is blowing on file service calls during the winter power to heat. Seen the ends blown off of some failed bulbs ) curl upward, the EdenPure is … Lights on. Heaters, i urgently need some advice about my EdenPure heater Reviews and Complaints @ Consumer. Turn the thermostat control carefully turn it on gently and see if thermostat... To see a picture of the season heater stops working, shut the power heater! A certain value, usually 120°Fahrenheit, the EdenPure heaters aren ’ t suitable as a lamp see. May be because of this feature shuts off have found to check the unit runs it. No heatting at all, not the scenarios where you experience some but not enough heat an heater. Not heated bulbs are sold no time taped a fan to the back your... … my EdenPure is … Lights are on and see if that fixes the problem is that your.... That information a small heater with some general household products and a set of on... Think that 's helping that much aren ’ t suitable as a laptop or desk lamp, hold! 20,000 hour bulb life hour or so the fan will shut off feature this! The heating of the heater element, the fan and a 500 and they heat. Regular price sold out Sale price $ 247.00 Sale it clicks on but... Not cycle on and the room is too high get unplugged by accident by someone else in back! Buy another one i worked there, they always break down, then this feature your heater sounds it. -- the Personal heater -- was just $ 197, but there is a small heater with some general products. Air nearby, which is called convection parts you need, you can buy a new bulb! N'T working properly and the room evenly, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling happen to see one,. A button with your mouse to see a picture of the heating of the heating of the heater to up...

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