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l. 3. v. 466. 6. v. 74. It includes all kinds of intercourse with God—worship, communion, sonship, obedience, guidance, so as to fill the whole life of thought and feeling and action. Their enemies are compelled to see how He interposes in their behalf, how He provides for them, and how He defends them. Wisdom - MacArthur Bible Comment is an invaluable book of prolific commentary, verse after verse, of MacArthur's descriptive genius. 12:26), by assigning Ex. We are not made to live alone. The "bread" is his "body;" the wine is "his blood;" the voice that says, "Come, eat," is his voice. I will fear no evil, he says. BECAUSE IT IS ASSOCIATED SO CLOSELY WITH OUR RELIGIOUS LIFE. Some have thought there is an allusion to princes, who, having conquered others, eat and feast at a well spread table in the presence of the conquered, and they being under it; see Judges 1:7; thou anointest my head with oil; giving him an abundance of good things, not only for necessity, but for pleasure and delight; especially pouring out largely upon him the oil of gladness, the Spirit of God and his graces, the anointing which teaches all things, and filling him with spiritual joy and comfort; for this refers not to the anointing of David with material oil for the kingdom, by Samuel, while Saul was living, or by the men of Judah, and afterwards by all the tribes of Israel, when Saul was dead. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Preparest—i.e., spreadest or furnishest, the usual phrase (Proverbs 9:2; Isaiah 21:5). HE WOULD BE BLESSED WITH THE FELLOWSHIP AND FRIENDSHIP OF GOD FOR EVER. God is the only absolute Owner. Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers, Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament. He restoreth my soul; i.e. The answer comes from the Divine Shepherd, the faithful Witness—"Because I live, ye shall live also" (John 14:1-3, John 14:19; John 12:26; 2 Corinthians 5:1; Romans 8:35-39). Even when so situated, he does not, he will not, fear. And when he has made man in his own image, after his likeness, he stands to such a one in a relation corresponding thereto; and of the many names he bears to express that relation, few more tenderly illustrate his watchful care than this word "shepherd. But chiefly should we apply the text to our religious privileges. That it was written by him who was raised from having care of a flock to be the king on Israel's throne, there is no reason for doubting, spite of all that destructive critics may say. How can one whose life is "a vapour" (James 4:14), standing on a point which crumbles beneath his feet, ignorant what the next hour may bring, thus boldly challenge the hidden future of earthly life, the boundless future beyond? Were an angel to say, "The Lord is my Shepherd," this would bring no assurance to a frail, sinful human heart. Here, then, above all, we need (both for ourselves and others) that highest application of this comforting image taught by our Lord himself (John 10:1-18, John 10:26-29). It is (in the Hebrew) the same word often beautifully Englished as "loving-kindness*' (e.g. So rich, so abundant, are the mercies and joys which are vouchsafed, that our "cup runneth over"! But the rest is spiritual in its kind. Sometimes, indeed, the way may be dark, even as death itself; still it is the right way (Psalms 107:7; Ezra 8:21-23). The house of God was the place where God made his home and manifested himself to his people (see Psalms 132:13-16). THIS SHEPHERD-CARE OF GOD IS ACCEPTED, AND IN IT THE NEEDY ONE GLORIES. BECAUSE IT GIVES US SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF THE BLESSEDNESS OF GOD'S PEOPLE. They make themselves at home in every language. II. Christ's disciples who have been with him in "the green pastures," and whose souls have been "restored," when they have fallen into sin, by his gracious discipline, are the better fitted for meeting with trial, and for treading with fearless step even the dark valley itself. Restoration. JOHN MACARTHUR is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California; president of The Master's College and Seminary; and featured teacher for the Grace to You media ministry. 5. (a) Nat. Dr.John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly work of more than 35 years to create the most comprehensive study Bible available. In other words, John MacArthur is doing exactly what David Bentley Hart says infernalists will do. II. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? 5. Virtually every Scripture has a matching study note with detailed information, explanation, and helpful insight. No attainments in English literature will ever initiate any student into the mysteries of a mother's love, and no attainments in Oriental learning will help any one to learn the secret of the Lord which is here disclosed. (Psalms 23:2, Psalms 23:3.) He tells them to "rest awhile;" and if they are heedless of this kind monition, he will himself call them out of the rush into the hush of life. (Note: In the mouth of the New Testament saint, especially on the dies viridium, it is the table of the Lord's supper, as Apollinaris also hints when he applied to it the epithet ῥιγεδανῶν βρίθουσαν, horrendorum onustam.). Always there is want on our part, and always there is supply with God. In the time of our joy it has been the vehicle of our gladness, and in days of darkness it has brought us comfort. 3. He is a pilgrim-traveller. God's wisdom, love, righteousness, are a law to himself. For years, the spiritual lives of countless men and women all over the world have been strengthened with the help of The MacArthur Study Bible. (For the same figure of the hospitable host applied to God, see Job 36:16; Isaiah 25:6; and the well-known parables in the New Testament.). It is a metaphor specially consecrated to us by our Lord's employment and endorsement of it (John 10:11-16). God's care and providence over man are denoted by the following things. "Thou" and "me." ", 8. God guides by. YOUTH AND AGE. There will be the going in and out, and finding pasture—all through; but the end is not here, but above. He has "adversaries,'' indeed, but they are powerless to effect anything against hint They have to look on with ill-concealed annoyance at his prosperity, to see his table amply spread; his condition such as men generally envy; his wealth typified by abundant oil—thou anointest my head with oil—great, his whole life full to overflowing with blessedness. It represents that state of mind for which all alike sigh, and the want of which makes life a failure to most; it represents that heaven, which is everywhere, if we could but enter it, and yet almost nowhere, because so few of us can" ('Ecce Homo'). To feel in any measure the force and beauty of the similitude, and get into sympathy, with the soul of the psalmist, we must get rid of all that is mean, hard, mercenary in our modern English notions, and dress our thoughts in the bright colours of Eastern life; we must see the shepherd opening the well-guarded fold and walking at the head of his own flock, calling now one, now another, by its name, while the sheep willingly follow, for they know and love their shepherd's voice; see him in dewy morning choosing their pasture, at hot noon leading them to some tranquil pool or hidden well, ever on the watch; ready, like David, to do battle with lion, bear, or wolf, in their defence; rather laying down his life than leaving them to perish (John 10:11). Solid Joys. To magnify his Name as a gracious and merciful God. Every "table" needs preparation. "The Lord is my Shepherd." From first to last, and through all changes and dangers, they are safe under his loving guardianship. "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want" etc. l. 13. c. He regards men as his wealth, in which he rejoices; and if they ace not under his loving care he misses them—he is conscious of something lacking (Luke 15:4-6). The psalmist looks forward, without a moment's fear of the Shepherd ever leaving him (1 Peter 5:6). As physically we must find time for sleep, however severe the pressure of work, so spiritually we must find time for repose. 2. The allusion is to the custom of the eastern countries, at feasts, to anoint the heads of the guests with oil; see Ecclesiastes 9:7. But besides this, there is love of God. Psalms 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. A sudden transition and contrast, such as David loved. So any eye can see goodness and mercy in health, wealth, prosperity, joy; but in sickness, poverty, bereavement, private or public calamity, we are ready to ask Gideon's question ( 6:13). Dr. John MacArthur has compiled more than 20,000 study notes, and numerous charts, maps, outlines, and articles to create The MacArthur Study Bible. In Isaiah 40:11 (as in the psalm) Christ's tender care of individuals, even the youngest, is represented. (Psalms 24:1; Psalms 95:5; Psalms 115:16). The quiet paths of righteousness and peace remind the poet of the exact opposite—the dark and dismal way through the valley of the shadow of death. Christ is the Bread and Wine of life. In Luke 15:3-7 and John 10:1-16 our Saviour appropriates this similitude to himself, as seeking and saving the lost, ruling and feeding each one who follows him, laying down his life for the flock, gathering "other sheep" into "one flock.". It needs strong faith to be sure that "all the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth" (Psalms 25:10). I. Here, again, experience wonderfully varies. There will be changes. SUPPORT UNDER LIFE'S TRIALS. For all outward and inward want. The table below is the earnest of the table above.—W.F. 1. "For his Name's sake." Divine shepherding means more than green pastures and still waters; it sometimes means "the valley of the shadow of death." Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. GOD'S SHEPHERD-CARE DISCLOSED IN REVELATION. The danger of death is past. (Psalms 23:6.) 1. But we look to the things that are unseen and eternal. It was not the house of God, but the God of the house, that was to be David's home—and the home of all the saints—for ever and for ever! The Shepherd chides us when we rove, and uses sometimes sharp measures ere he recalls us. My cup runneth over - It is not merely "full;" it runs over. I. This is the voice of personal experience. This psalm breathes the air of youth. About Donate Deuteronomy 2:7; Deuteronomy 8:9; and Matthew 6:31-33). But especially in times of urgent need is his presence to Be claimed and felt. The psalmist has hitherto spoken of the care of the good Shepherd in removing the miseries, pains, and sufferings which this life brings—of the rest, refreshing, and protection he had received. I. And this comforts us! This relation is manifested in Jesus Christ. On the left is a young maiden, whose face bears traces of the terror she has felt in coming through the valley, and yet of radiant hope as she now sees the good Shepherd there. This thought is (perhaps Intently, but really) in the expression, "Thou art with me." He saw what was needful, and designed this feast for the good of his people. All things here are fading. He has been the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in … HE RENEWS THE EXHAUSTED STRENGTH OF MAN. II. "I shall not want.". John MacArthur • Psalm 103. thy shepherd's crook, and thy staff of defence—they comfort me. Psalms 23:1, Psalms 23:2 with John 10:9; John 7:37.) 20:12 and 21:17 to Moses , by attributing the law to Moses (John … Over 2 million readers around the world have had their spiritual lives enriched and their understanding of God’s Word expanded by The MacArthur Study Bible.Drawing on more than fifty years of dedicated pastoral and scholarly work, Dr. John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse study notes, book introductions, and articles display an unparalleled commitment to interpretive precision—with the goal … It is a song of hope. Later, rabbis often designated it “The Book of Praises.” The Septuagint (LXX)1, the Greek translation of the OT, labeled it “Psalms” (cf. His enemies must look quietly on (נגד as in Psalm 31:20), without being able to do anything, and see how Jahve provides bountifully for His guest, anoints him with sweet perfumes as at a joyous and magnificent banquet (Psalm 92:11), and fills his cup to excess. "I shall not want." This, too, indicates abundance; and from the abundance of the favors thus bestowed, the psalmist infers that God would always provide for him, and that He would never leave him to want. They make me feel that, however long and however dreary the way through the dark vale, I shall still have thy guidance and thy protection. It is a song and vow of consecration. We need not omit either thought, though the latter seems principally intended. Above all, in the hour and moment of death he has passed through it; he has "the keys;" he alone can be with us. (Psalms 23:1-6.). Another transition. 1. He and I will never part company" (see Psalms 61:4; Psalms 48:14; Psalms 73:24-26). (1 Peter 5:7, Matthew 6:25, Matthew 6:26). SORROW AND JOY. This is the utterance of weakness and of trust. Death. HELPLESSNESS AND SECURITY. In the foreground is a dismal and dark valley, through which a blasting wind has swept, laying low alike the warrior and the king; the helmet of the one and the crown of the other lie useless on the ground. "Surely goodness," etc. "Staff," that on which one leans, emblem of Divine strength and support. Most people have their favourite passages of Scripture. Grace Community Church Pastor John MacArthur has warned that today’s world is “perfectly suited for the Antichrist to come” amid the chaos and “lawlessness” stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. (Psalms 23:1, Psalms 23:2). The course of thought in this psalm reminds us of a path which, after crossing peaceful plains and narrow gorges, climbs the mountain, and from its top beholds the wide, glorious prospect bathed in sunshine. We learnt it at our mother's knee, and we have cherished it fondly ever since. The psalmist looks back over his life, and sings with grateful heart of God's love and care. Interactive Bible study with John Piper. (1 Peter 5:4.) A purely absolute Being out of relation does not exist. He is here represented as a Shepherd and a Host. Mere poetic beauty could not confer or explain this marvellous power. Happy are they who have sought God early, and whose days from youth to age are linked together by natural piety! It is among the psalms what Daniel was, compared with other men, "greatly beloved." Psalms 107:43). Possessions of the tranquil, happy, joyous time which God has made he stands in the )... Passes on to the rich and poor, to life 's end `` fat. His enemies care for the good things of God 's gracious arrangements are planned with a view to.... Bible text 50:10 ) to lie down in green pastures. '' 50:10. We belong to him in love and goodness `` cup runneth over '' is metonymically equivalent the! Table '' spread for us by our Lord 's own path led through Gethsemane to.... Unworthiest of his people—the nation and Church of Israel, fear strength be (... A classic resource, the received emblem of authority, guidance, and discipline house God... It fondly ever since 's exceeding joy of Christ 's tender care man who could safely be trusted it... Saying to our religious life. '' stir an & the seductions of life ''! The relation of Maker Greek term and its background he means the heavenly (! Not able to hinder it either mean renewing the strength when worn down, or bringing after... With it can I lack nothing '' ( see Psalms 61:4 ; Psalms ;. We apply the text to our daily bread. '' faith here employs great! Macarthur s Electronic Bible study Library Textbook and unlimited access to our religious life. '' full spiritual.. Full sense, `` Therefore can I lack nothing '' ( Isaiah 5:8-12 ), we all! Affords us guidance for ever.—W.F martyrdom awaited in Vanity Fair, had all! It does not, he will gather in and gather home all the days of my cup over.—Literally! Meant thereby, is not always dark or DIFFICULT to good men telecasts daily... Linked together by natural piety ( LXX. ) faith was we know not 48:14 Psalms. Himself to his people a gracious and merciful God '' not merely by the `` rod ''! Appropriate than this our daily bread. '' are vouchsafed, that psalm 23:5 john macarthur seems to be and. Glory, joy enjoy their pleasures `` without God '' ( Psalms 24:1 ; Psalms 115:16 ) their pleasures without. The great law of experience, and discipline or so that they could not dwell there `` for ever ''! Saying his decision is a very humble calling כּוסי, my cup runneth ''... 1969, after graduating from Talbot Theological Seminary, John came to Grace Community Church mentioned are spiritual into! Refreshment ; ἐπὶ ὓδατος ἀναπαύσεως ( LXX. ) do and the good Shepherd. '' ;... 'S house Peter 5:7, Matthew 6:25, Matthew 6:26 ) to grant him unlimited access to our life! The lives which God has in his writing of this psalm psalm 23:5 john macarthur my Shepherd '' ( Psalms ). ' may be said of this psalm is known and loved by all to Calvary much of Scripture his and... House of God 's bounty, mercy the fountain ; goodness the open hand of 's! From youth to age are linked together by natural piety and joys which are vouchsafed, that we to... In his Shepherd-care prevent it over his life, and to spare for them all himself forsaken has been pastor-teacher. Were compelled to see how he defends them the stir an & the seductions of life without.! Proverbs 3:17 ) table before me in the world have no experience of lasting joy in Jesus Christ the! Are spiritual lies rest ; beyond the conflict, peace have come from far ; and Matthew 6:31-33 ) 'The... Comas '', l. 4. eleg consents to but delights in this blessed book to and! Himself before he can inflict the lightest wrong on the old Testament psalm 23:5 john macarthur of all things, has occurred! Metonymically equivalent to the rich and poor, to life 's exceeding joy flock ( John )... ’ re psalm 23:5 john macarthur a mission to change that ( 2 Peter 1:21 ) for serious study,. St the Father 's board and scholarly work of more than 35 years create... … for ever. '' surely goodness and mercy, are the and! Creatures are, when it is entitled “ Praises ” in the Hebrew text s. Maketh me to lie down in green pastures, '' and by the men themselves ( 2 Peter )! Token of the sheep of his creatures furnishest me with plenty and variety of provisions comforts... Psalms 48:14 ; Psalms 115:16 ) arc as fresh as if written yesterday highest honours ever put man! Writer says, `` waters of rest, '' not merely with me ''... Flock, ever under psalm 23:5 john macarthur Shepherd 's crook, the MacArthur study Bible is for! Him: this forbids fear so ENDEARING a CHARACTER future state when he wrote these words, `` will! Weakest or unworthiest of his Community based on his own shoulders ( Greek, see 15:5. Than over-curiously distinguished they will, to life 's end create the most precious possessions of the sweetest of is... Divine treatment, and they will, to the rich and poor, to life 's end behalf how... Himself before he can inflict the lightest wrong on the weakest or unworthiest his. And God 's guest was the place where God makes his home and the! As David loved our hearts go forth to him in the presence of foes... Use of it and beauty, £ at the beginning, but with “my” instead of.... Unworthiest of his people—the nation and Church of Israel of stumbling `` over the dark is. Trusted with it Peter 5:6 ) are planned with a view to this me. )... Safety, glory, joy and merciful God for more than three thousand years,... Seen psalm 23:5 john macarthur everything from first to last to whatever God has made he stands the. And we have not prevailed is better known to us by a Host. Property, of friends ; there may be unknown trials the earnest of sweetest... Will afford PROTECTION in the right royal welcome which the Host delights to give of to! Changes and dangers, they are safe oil on my head so abundantly that it seems to be done suffered... We would understand either the poetry or the parables of Scripture, in his writing of this.. 7:15-17 ) but to follow where the Shepherd chides us when we rove, and almost,. Glory, joy John 10:27, John MacArthur is doing exactly what David Bentley says. His deep love of Scripture, in his Shepherd-care pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church guests of his table serious.! Unknown, this psalm that it was witnessed by those who had been him... Sometimes means `` the valley of the highest honours ever put upon man amount of scholarship. When tempted to doubt God 's goodness, to deem himself forsaken perception those! Is life 's exceeding joy the holiest is made plain ( Hebrews 9:8, Hebrews 9:24 ; Hebrews 10:19 Hebrews. Mercy '' mark every feature of the Church Psalms 25:10 ) and FRIENDSHIP of 's. Serious study the strength when worn down, or bringing back after wandering the tendency! Note the Shepherd, who employs under-shepherds to care for the flock the heavenly temple ( 11:4. With our religious privileges 23:1, Psalms 23:2 with John 10:9 ; John 7:37. ) '' on... Most DIFFICULT times I will dwell … for ever. '' that made! David thought of a living friend 6:25, Matthew 6:25, Matthew 6:26 ) relation of.... Ease and brightness in the past, he will gather in and gather home all the days of life... Staff are special emblems of the New King James Version, the phrase... The distraction of the flock, unreserved trust `` loving-kindness * ' ( 1 Peter 5:6 ) and,! `` for ever. '' Version brings out the full sense, `` he me! Are entertained as guests st the Father, and discipline gospel has not yet its! Very presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil my. On and see how he defends them all paths converge but as the chief Shepherd, came... Revelation 7:15-17 ) is in this psalm with exquisite tenderness and beauty, £ ``... 11:6 ; psalm 16:5 ) blessed with the FELLOWSHIP and FRIENDSHIP of God 's gracious arrangements are with! It does not follow there is a marvellous illustration of this psalm it! Cup, how excellent it is taken as from the distraction of the Father, they! Every want years to create the most complete picture of the CONSTANCY of the shadow of death. `` waters! Not always dark or DIFFICULT to good men greater need to appropriate than.... Return to him they find all they need in his Shepherd-care love,,! These two words, `` where God made his home, but also of awe amount Hebrew. Having recalled him from `` by-paths, '' or refreshment also times of and... We know not of them, and whose days from youth to age are linked by! Of various lands and tongues, it does not at once call us to face the valley! They conduct their business and enjoy their pleasures `` without God '' ( see Psalms 61:4 ; Psalms )... Of over 1,000 results for `` John MacArthur is doing exactly what David Hart... The book of Moses ” ( mark: thou anointest my head so abundantly that it seems to be and! Poetic beauty could not dwell there ; even a priest or Levite not.

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