glock 37 vs glock 21

10 years ago. Skip to comments. If forced to pick between the 3, I'd vote G-30. Quick View. current Glock 19 in the way of size, etc. 3 10:41. The Glock 20 handgun is the most powerful semi-automatic pistol in Glock’s inventory. The difference in the feel is very noticeable, with the Model 37 presenting a better balance than the Model 21. "The United States is unusual among the industrial democracies in the rigidity of the system of ideological control - "indoctrination," we might say - exercised through the mass media. 0 00:32. Glock partnered with ammunition developer and manufacturer Speer/ATK to develop a narrower version of the .45 ACP round. I owned a GAP gun for a bit on an impulse buy but the ammo here was too steep for my blood. Glock 21 Handgun. Favorite Answer. Glock’s New Model 37 .45 G.A.P. Sur 17 et 19 c'est bien 6.5. sur le glock 21 c'est 6.9 et à la livraison je l'ai reçu avec une 6.1 résultat tir trop bas et j'ai remis une 6.9 c'est bcp mieux. Favourite answer. Editor’s Review. This means that the Glock 19 … Federal FMJ in .45 GAP generates 395 foot-pounds of energy with a velocity of 880 feet per second. Since the FL Highway Patrol has issued the Gen4 G37 and Gen3 G39, GAP ammo should become more readily available in FL. The long slide models are pretty awesome! $14.99 (0) Add To Cart. Ryno785. ". A Glock 17 chambered in 9x19mm holds seventeen in the magazine. Glock Gen4 21; Glock Gen4 22; Glock Gen4 23; Glock Gen4 24; Glock Gen4 26; Glock Gen4 27 ; Glock Gen4 28; Glock Gen4 29; Glock Gen4 30; Glock Gen4 31; Glock Gen4 32; Glock Gen4 33; Glock Gen4 34; Glock Gen4 34 MOS; Glock Gen4 35; Glock Gen4 35 MOS; Glock Gen4 36; Glock Gen4 37; Glock Gen4 40; Glock Gen4 40 MOS; Glock Gen4 41; Glock Gen4 41 MOS; Refine by No filters applied Show/Hide … A Glock is about as good a gun as a mil-spec 1911. Glock 26…Standing The Test Of Time? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Glock offers replacement mags which hold up to thirty-three rounds. As magazine size dictates grip size, .45 GAP allowed the Glock 37 grip to have a circumference nearly half an inch smaller than the Glock 21. chantell. 13 00:51. Re: Glock 17 VS Glock 19. par » 01 Aoû 2011 10:45 . Magpul Pmag 21 FOR Glock 9MM 21Rd Black. Introduced in 2003, the Glock 37 is chambered in the first caliber developed in conjunction with the Austrian gun manufacturer, .45 Glock Auto Pistol. Doctor insights on: Glock 21 Vs Glock 37 Share Share Follow @HealthTap Embed Dr. Robert Kwok Dr. Kwok 9 doctors agreed: 1 1 Vitimine D is 37 is that normal thanks?

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