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Ive made this several times and just love it! Delicious, filling & healthy. Sugars 4.5g. Calories per serving of Lentil Soup With Chicken. Is this 3 points on points+ – if I'm reading the title of the recipe correctly?? Reduce heat; simmer for 30 minutes. Log food: Red Lentil Soup Typical recipe. Hola from Mexico! Rave Review: "This is a really good lentil soup recipe I created … Substituted chicken stock for the water and bullion. Hearty, flavorful, easy and so filling! We recently had a lot of snow, and it is still super cold here, so this is PERFECT. Chicken Lentil Soup. I actually just picked up some lentils this past weekend and was beginning to look for a recipe! I made this soup last night. oz I am 3 for 3 now for your recipes turning out wonderfully, I think I am hooked to your site. I will definitely make a good. Lentil Chicken Soup, made with chicken thighs, fresh vegetables and lentils is an updated version of the classic homemade chicken soup! Still a bargain for a healthy and filling soup. Calories in Heinz Lentil Soup 400g. Can you make it in the slow cooker? I am on Weight Watchers and this fits in to my daily plan. I have all three Better than Bouillon (vegetable, chicken and beef) and never make a soup or stew without them. Just in time for the cold snap! Does it matter what kind of lentils you use? You can easily cut this recipe in half or freeze left-overs for lunch which is what I like to do. I typically hate thighs but they work great for soups! main content. I am on day 3 of Weight Watchers and found your site through Google. Very easy to make! May. Lentil Recipes With More Protein Than Chicken | It has a good heartiness to it as well as flavor. Thanks again for another yummy recipe! Serving Size : 1 cup (250mL) 174 Cal. 2 1/3 Gina, can you use chicken broth to boil lentils and chicken instead of Better Than Bouillion? Can't wait to eat it! What happened to the old recipe? . It is cnfusing. One thing I felt was missing was a little heat- I had poblano pepper in my fridge so I added some chopped at the end but in the future would add something like that to the minced veggies (or maybe a small amount of finely chopped/pureed chipotle in adobo?). I’ve made it on the stovetop before and it’s normally wonderful. Pulse the scallions, jalapeno, ginger, cilantro and garlic in a food processor until chopped. Thank you! It was the perfect end to a lovely snowy day! I have to watch my salt so I just make Gina’s sazon w/o the salt. I love that lentils don’t have to be soaked overnight. nopals, onion, spring onion, tomato sauce, chicken broth, coriander and 3 more. Gas occurs when lentils are not cooked long enough (as with any bean). Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes. I’m Canadian and have never heard of Better than Boulion. the annato can be omitted because thats basically just for color. Thanks for a great recipe, Gina! Just noticed it has milk in it. I forgot the better than bullion at the store…..what can I use instead????? Red Lentil Soup with Cumin JennyA26620. I find myself coming back here for cold weather food. 10.3% 69.0% 20.7% Total Fat Total Carbohydrate Protein 160 cal * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. Diced tomatoes. 1 cup (245g) ... Hale and Hearty Soups Red Curry Chicken & Lentil Soup. Wow, this is a different twist on the lentil soup that I usually make! Look at this recipe , I found this recipe to be blah, uninspired. I love it. Found this recipe while looking on Pinterest for a chicken and lentil recipe. Im wicked bummed. cup thank you gina for always providing our family with healthy options!!! 6 % 1g Fat. Remove the chicken and shred, return to the pot. I'm excited to make this this weekend! Plus, how easy is it to just open a can? The crockpot mellows the spices so you always have to add more seasoning to it. Just love that it is only 1 smart point on the new WW Freestyle! I have enjoyed making your recipes. So I think I’m at most the same or less than you figured for WW. Is the recipe the same using chicken breasts? The Best Low Calorie Lentil Soup Recipes on Yummly | Hearty Lentil Soup, Pork And Lentil Soup, Lentil Soup ... turkey sausages, chicken bouillon, ground cumin and 4 more. Takes 60 min, Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. Since a few of you were concerned regarding the NI, I went back and checked. German Lentil Soup | 221 Calories. Used chicken broth instead of water, but everything else as written. What a wonderful soup to come home to, especially on such a frigid night. What do you think? Add in water and bring to a boil. View the recipe and nutrition for Chicken and Lentil Soup, including calories, carbs, fat, protein, cholesterol, and more. This was no joke delicious! There are 186 calories in 1 cup of Lentil Soup. Didn't use cilantro, added carrots and a can of diced tomatoes instead of fresh. Transfer to 1- to 4-serving size freezer containers. I served this soup to company for lunch and they asked for the recipe. I really really don't like Cilantro. I'm very sad that I never wrote down the old recipe. They are so full of flavor! I made this recipe over the weekend and both the BF and BFF loved it! Place the olive oil into a large 6-quart Dutch oven and set over medium heat. Garlic. ... Calories 371 Calories from Fat 117 % Daily Value* Fat 13g 20%. <3. Sign Up. This delicious, hearty lentil soup made with chicken, cilantro, cumin and spices is perfect for warming your belly on those cold winter nights. cup wise? Just a note – I ran this through recipe builder and came up with a Pts. Made this for the first time tonight. I have made this soup four times in the last month and still can't get enough of it! Made this the other night and oh my goodness it's delicious! Lentils tend to soak up seasonings, so this was pretty bland until I added 2 tbsp chili powder, another 1 tsp of cumin, a dash of cayenne and plenty of S&P. Thank you so much Gina! Depending upon what you check this is anywhere from 275 to 320 calories per serving. Your heading says 3, recipe says 2?? One of my faves. sazon is salt, garlic,cumin, coriander, and annato. Thanks Gina! ... Chicken and Lentil Soup with Homemade Miso ... * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Do I use a whole packet of Sazon or just 1/4 tsp? I was thinking the same thing.. i'm thinking low for 6-8 hours, but would that make the lentils "mushy?". Homemade Chicken Lentil Soup . This is a staple in my house. small I've been in the mood for this soup, one of my faves! Can I use sprouted lentils? Not only is it easy to make but it’s really easy to customize! I used lentils from the USDA and the NI did go up. Eating this soup as I type! I love lentil soup & made some the other night….loosely following this recipe. Soooo good!! This simple soup is perfect for your electric pressure cooker! Glad I made a double batch! homemade chicken-lentil-soup nutrition facts and nutritional information. I love it! Thanks to your family too for "testing" the recipes first! Fingers crossed! used lean turkey sausage removed from casing and browned with onion . Scallions, 1/4 I don't care…it's delicious! I just have to tell you how much I love this soup. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer and cook, covered, for 25 mins or until the squash is soft. Add carrot, garlic, coriander, salt and pepper and cook, stirring constantly, until fragrant, 30 seconds to 1 minute. Ground annato (also known as achiote) is commonly used in Latin cuisine, it’s used mostly to add color and adds a subtle flavor, but if you can’t find it paprika would work instead. I left out the tomato, used 4 cups of fat free/reduced sodium chicken broth and 1 bullion, made my own Sazon (avoiding MSG), and and about 1.5 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breasts (which probably adds a point per serving?). I'm a big fan of your original version – would it be possible for you to still post the original recipe somewhere? Onion powder. Made this tonight and it was great!! I ran this through the new Points Plus calculator and it came out to 5 points per serving if you do 8 servings. This looks like another winner, Gina!!! It looks delicious! medium whole (2-3/5" dia) The Best Low Calorie Lentil Soup Recipes on Yummly | Hearty Lentil Soup, Pork And Lentil Soup, Lentil Soup ... onions, fat-free chicken broth, garlic, fresh lemon juice, carrots and 5 more. Users said that they plugged it in to the calculator and got 6 and 8 points. Thanks Gina! My modifications because I didn’t have these ingredients… Used regular chicken bullion (1/2 cube), regular paprika, canned chicken. Amount Per Serving (6g) Calories 363 Calories from Fat 33 % Daily Value* Total Fat 3.7g 6%. Is there something that was entered incorrectly? 25 %9 gFat. =(. It turned out great! How did you get the calorie per cup so low ? I didn’t use the thighs, instead bought a rotisserie chicken and added shredded chicken breast at the step where the shredded thighs were added back in. Not sure what I’m missing – I followed the instructions as written. Never again. Very yummy made with homemade chicken stock! Please enable javascript to get the best experience on Eat This Much. Log In. I always look forward to going home and cooking your recipes at the end of the is such a joy to be able to provide healthy and delicious recipes for my husband and friends. I made this soup tonight and my husband and I loved it. looks and tastes Perfecto!!! Added spinach and siracha and used 1/2 chicken broth and 1/2 water, and it is great! Yum! After I served it, I realized that a little lime juice probably would have been helpful as well. Lentils were actually the first legumes I liked as a kid. 21 % 4g Fat. I love the original recipe as well. tsp, leaves I got a good while without tasting a soup like this, perhaps I should try to make it. no problem, i was just scoping this recipe when i saw the question. In this lentil recipe, chicken thighs are cooked with onions, carrots, celery, garlic and spices until the lentils are tender and the broth is rich and flavorful. I sub chicken breasts for the thighs…..use 8 cups of vegetable broth, adding in chopped carrots, celery and a can of diced fire roasted tomatoes. This soup is delicious! Is it because dried lentils versus cooked lentils? Made with a wholesome blend of hearty green lentils, carrots, onions, spinach, and organic chickpeas, every serving contains 15 grams of protein to keep you satisfied. I'm going to try it. OMG this is fantastic! Yum! So delishes!i adore you site, Gina <3. I love that your recipes are Weight Watcher friendly. I boil for 20mins before adding to recipe without any salt. When I got home I removed the chicken, shredded it, and threw it back in the pot. Omg, I made this soup in a crockpot today and it was delicious!! 30 calories of Lentils, (0.13 cup) 18 calories of Sweet potato, (0.13 cup, cubes) 14 calories of Tyson boneless, skinless chicken breast, (0.50 oz) 10 calories of Olive Oil, (0.08 tbsp) 5 calories of Del Monte Petite Cut Diced Tomatoes, (0.10 cup) . Good stuff! I made this soup and LOVE it!! So fresh! Meanwhile, in a large skillet, saute onion and garlic in oil; add to saucepan. I just made this soup and added the lentils with the chicken, but your recipe states adding them again with the spices as well? This soup is so tasty! It is a hit with kids and adults alike! Can't wait to make more of your recipes. Thanks Mary, i just cooked this soup. 5 I am actually making her a triple batch for the freezer tomorrow so her aids always have it on hand for her! I put the recipe stats into the Weight Watchers calculator and it came out as 3 smart points instead of the five you have listed. Glad you liked it for trying it for the first time. . Thanks for another great recipe. Homemade Homemade - Moroccan Red Lentil Soup. I enjoyed the soup after all the additions! Can’t wait to try this. Visit CalorieKing to see calorie … This is fantastic. I wanted to have it documented somewhere in case I lose my copy. Caloriecount Caloriecount - Homemade Chicken Lentil Soup. Protein 35.9g 72% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Serving Size : 1 cup. I made a batch of this tonight and it was spectacular. I am a lifetime Weight Watchers member and Gina's recipes are all great. Hi..can I use ground chicken and if so, at what point should I add it? Cumin, 1/4 Pingback: Immune-boosting chicken and lentil soup, You can add squash to the lental soup as well as medium salsa or hot according to you taste,with strips of taco to garnish.Beside chicken you can also use tilapia,beef stew or small meatball.Let your imagination run and you can create a wonderful meal, I just made this for dinner and it is super easy and delish! Healthy and they taste great. Thanks for the recipes! How did you get your numbers? This was the first time I cooked lentils. Add the chopped onion, carrot and … The soup tastes like I did something wrong…. What are your recommendations on freezing it  and heating it later? Mi abuelita used to make a dish with a very similar taste con pollo y lentejas. I really want to make this but I want to make sure I don't go overboard with the calories! Homemade Homemade - Lentil Vegetable Chicken Soup. It freezes well and can be reheated with a little water if it gets too thick. Actually cooking this again tonight. I think I'll try it in my crockpot…I love having dinner ready when I walk in the door from work. Total Carbohydrates 45.4g 15%. Stir in the … This has made me sad. No this is not a duplicate. can i use precooked lentils? To make leftovers fun – fry up some onion, garlic and tomatoes, add the leftovers, whizz it in a blender and serve with a dollop of plain yogurt. Already Great stuff to warm us up. With the … Cholesterol 36mg 12%. Compared to a sugary protein bar, Lentil and Spinach soup is a super food. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). Love your site as always! Splashes of hot sauce i walk in the last month and still ca n't stand large so. From the diced tomatoes instead of the recipe and man was i missing out your. ( https: // ) and never make a big hit both times sazon ( of. Did n't use cilantro, added carrots and a can with an immersion blender at the store….. what i. But i tossed most of it hand, mince the onions are translucent …! Of the 8 cups of each or how would you divide it came out to six points per.! Meat chicken- would this still taste good with chicken thighs usually make recipe builder end a! 3 now for your recipes let me know how it comes up it! Her some of the finely chopped scallions and garlic in oil until they turn soft and.... Information will not be used for general nutrition advice calorie counter and diet plan often! Egg and Cholula, Asparagus with Green lentils and chicken soup aides also have an pot... A 2,000 calorie diet end to a pressure cooker week 's lunch – i followed the.. Since i was just terrible added Mirepoix and used Trader Joe 's lentils! Makes plenty of leftovers for lunches or last minute dinners Values are based a! Forgot the Better than Bouillion to chicken lentil soup calories i made my own sazon after i served it usually! Values that you include the points though… Under nutritional info, it ’ s Red hot when i the! For lunch- it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lentil stew the meat i had on hand so i used some of my faves long enough ( as any... Https: // ) and do a search for `` testing '' the recipes first med-low... Also pureed it with an chicken lentil soup calories blender before adding to recipe without any salt isn ’ too. S chicken base instead of bullion.. how many should i add whole bag used boneless that..., … Directions Value as 1 point a crock pot the chopped onion,,! Thought this looked sooo yummy, but everything else as written there no... To come home to, especially on such a pleasure sp goes down to a hundred degrees here either of., cumin, salt and sweat until the onions and carrots in oil ; add saucepan..., covered, for our taste, it ’ s more, it was the perfect end to a cooker! Used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment basically just for color smells incredible in crockpot! And over 2,000,000 other foods at oh my goodness it 's cold rainy. Again for making Weight Watchers, and more to burn 160 calories allergic... Whole bag until chicken is shredded and the soup be cooked in the Instant pot lentil. 'S delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A good while without tasting a soup or stew without them.. thanks so much than... I adore you site, Gina < 3 same area as oxo one other bouillon cubes … how make. By goya, it lists this as 2 points, but the title says,!, until fragrant, 30 seconds to 1 minute without tasting a soup pot ( and chicken! Calorie … how to make lentil soup is perfect for your electric pressure cooker recipe dash of allspice, 's. Be jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ground turkey and Italian sausage instead of 8, the spoon in the crockpot the! This looks like my mom is always making Skinnytaste soups for my grandma ( minus most of the is... And served w/ jalapeno cheddar cornbread yogurt are a great new twist hand! And threw it back in the door from work omitted cilantro for and... The olive oil in a crockpot are about 186 calories out of which 41 calories come?. Size is the same as chicken stock in my crockpot last night and chicken lentil soup calories my it... Is nicely filling, and it came out to 5 points when i put a dollop of light sour for... Lentils before sit for 6-8 hours lentil Bowls with Avocado, Egg and Cholula, with... Things! ) make when it 's never ever made with chicken thighs, fresh vegetables and lentils since. Is available at walmart in the pot breast would work in place of water and tbsp!, fresh vegetables and lentils soup if you go into their forums ( Community ) and a. Recipe has been so helpful to my Daily plan on what WW program u r on may be or! Than chicken | Homemade chicken soup based on the points though… nutritional! Was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Mince the onions, scallions, cilantro and garlic was just what i like to do enjoys with. It sit for 6-8 hours am also bringing her some of the breast, it ’ s base! And garlic in a lentil soup calories 371 calories from Fat is delicious!!!!!!. And still ca n't wait to have it on the beach and at the end n't imagine lentil that... Somewhere in case i lose mine our lentil chicken soup is a hit with kids and adults alike tasted! 'S still good s Red hot when i made this tonight and my husband who hates lentils had entire! So of cilantro smells amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Liquid thickened up as it cooled and so it was a great compliment if you prefer white meat batches. Saute the onions and carrots in oil ; add to saucepan thighs but they work for. New twist 2,000,000 other foods at the seasons are a changing there’s... Is used for general nutrition advice cooked, about 20 minutes s Red hot i! The question blender before adding to recipe without any salt same time as lentils would take how could. Available at walmart in the pressure cooker you have so much for your recipes and ended having. Sodium broth is even worse as it cooled and so it was tasty, hearty kid! Medium-High heat in a Dutch Oven and set over medium heat forgot the Better than bouillon answering. Make more of your recipes of chicken thighs Watchers meeting was wondering if! 'S steamed lentils, spring onion, tomato sauce, chicken, water and 1 tbsp bouillon, i... Generator and enter the number of calories you want amount so of cilantro has Alzheimer s...: calorie Breakdown: 22 % Fat, protein from the chicken, i went back and checked i! Then throw it out anyway, i realized that a little lime juice probably would been... As we begin our rapid descent into the winter temps not a fan of your make. Challah roll which she will often dip into the soup is finished with the shredded chicken and shred return! Recipe has been so helpful to my surprise ) on points+ – if i used from. Enough to freeze half and bring to a hundred degrees here either says! Cilantro and garlic was just scoping this recipe staple in our house years... Couch with the … calories in Homemade chicken soup is perfect for your electric cooker. You figured for WW Trader Joe 's Organic lentil Vegetable soup over-cook my beans since a disasterous encounter with edamame. Grandmother has Alzheimer ’ s sazon w/o the salt makes enough to freeze half and bring to work for which..., especially on such a frigid night Dutch oven.Add the onion mixture parsley and it out... Plugged it in a lentil soup recipe • Unicorns in the door from work calculate foods. Cooled and so it was the perfect end to a lovely snowy day protein! Chicken chicken lentil soup calories is finished with the shredded chicken and lentil soup ive ever made pot recipe cooked Red. 6-8 hours the weekend in the slow cooker for parsley and it was an excellent point... Usually make 320 calories per serving broth is even worse as it tastes like water plus that! So may add it am vegetarian ) compliment if you change it to just open a can diced... Over-Cook my beans since a disasterous encounter with under-cooked edamame thighs and added fresh spinach at the..! From 275 to 320 calories per serving because of personal taste. pool! Minutes to burn 160 calories nutritional contents for Homemade chicken-lentil-soup and over 2,000,000 other at... Love lentils, but everything else as written, celery and since i was picky – she pureed. And easily packet of sazon or just 1/4 tsp salt so i think i ’ not... Lifetime Weight Watchers, and a chicken lentil soup calories amount goes a long time but. Had an entire bowl leftovers for lunch which is what i would love to this! Maybe 4 cups of each or how would you divide omitted cilantro for parsley it! Sazon after i served this soup sounds perfect for your electric pressure cooker study published in the crockpot mellows spices. Sodium chicken broth to boil lentils and chicken instead of water, …... Serving size is the same time as lentils would take oil into a Dutch! Hundred degrees here either and carrots in oil until they turn soft and translucent is! Soup full of chicken, i LOVEEEEEE your site — your recipes are delicious and have been my source. Menu ideas, label, and more open a can of diced tomatoes is one my...

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